Third DUNE User Meeting

28.09.2015 – 29.09.2015 / Ganztägig Uhr / Ehemalige Sporthalle im Dezernat 16

Meeting of the users of the software DUNE. DUNE, short for „Dstributed and Unified Numerics Environment“ is a modular open source C++ toolbox for solving partial differential equations on parallel computers. With it users can create their own custom parallel simulation software.

During this informal gathering users will showcase how they are using DUNE and developers will talk about recent and future advances in the DUNE code base. It is a great chance to foster future collaborations or simply to get to know each other.

An excerpt of the talks given at the meeting:

  • Distributed Newest Vertex Bisection (in dune-ALUGrid)
  • Introduction to the curvilinear grid
  • Type-erased interfaces in dune-functions
  • dune-dpg: A Library for Petrov Galerkin Using Optimal Test Spaces
  • dune-testtools: Automated Testing in DUNE
  • FunG – Biomechanical Models in Modern C++

For more information and registration see the wiki page. Admission is free and the workshop is open to the public.

More Information: