Mobile Meetup

01.04.2015 / 19:00–22:00 Uhr / Seminarraum im Dezernat 16

Intro to Swift, TDD for iOS, Android library roadshow

The agenda so far:

Johannes Auer – Intro to iOS development with Swift

Johannes is an iOS and web developer at LivelyCode and will give an introduction to the Swift programming language.

Tim Duckett – Test Driven Development for iOS

Tim works as a software engineer for Citrix and will share his experience with test driven development for the iOS platform.

Florian Barth – Android libraries you don’t wann miss

Florian is co-founder at Stocard and will give a guided tour through the Android open-source library landscape. Expect stops at Dependency Injection Island, the Persistence Precinct, Message Bus Metropolis, Reactive County, the Lambda Laboratory and some more.


We would like to have 2-3 talks and leave time for open discussions. Feel free to suggest topics or offer to give a talk yourself. In our last session we started putting together a wishlist for topics:


Further Information: